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Dr. Scholls Freezeaway Wart Remover for Common or Plantar Warts 7 applications

Dr. Scholls Freezeaway Wart Remover for Common or Plantar Warts 7 applications

Description from Manufacturer

Removes warts fast with as few as one treatment*
Fast and easy way to remove common and plantar warts

The method doctors use:
Safe to use on kids ages four and older
​Dr. Scholl's® Freeze Away® works by rapidly freezing the wart which breaks down the wart
The body then replaces the wart tissue with normal, new tissue
Easy to treat with built-in activator​​
Review by: C. Jeanne Heida, Yahoo! Contributor Network

​​How to use:

​​ Dr. Scholl's Freeze Away. Freeze Away is made of dimethyl ether and propane, and is packaged in a small pressurized canister. To use Freeze Away, a disposable application is inserted into the top of the canister, then flipped over and pressed into an special cap (called the "activator") for 2-3 seconds. The applicator tip is then pressed over the center of the wart and then held in place for a prescribed number of seconds ranging from 10 seconds for a small hand wart to 20 seconds for a larger wart. The skin will turn white briefly and sting (slightly) during the process, but then turns back to normal after a few minutes. According to the instructions, the wart will fall off in 10-14 days.

So how did Dr. Scholl's Freeze Away work for me?. For the size of wart I had on my wrist, the recommended dosage of Freeze Away was 20 seconds. The first week after this twenty second treatment, the infected area went through the process of blistering, scabbing over and then cracking. After two weeks, the skin healed back to normal. The wart did not "fall off" although the size did diminish by half.

I repeated the application as directed, and once again waited for two weeks. The size of the wart once again was reduced by half, and the application had to be repeated a third time before the wart finally disappeared for good. The area of the wart did heal up nicely and left no sign of the wart ever having been there. For my money, this is a huge improvement over salicylic acid compounds which looks ugly and can take up to four-to- six months to work.

Some of the drawbacks of Dr. Scholl's Freeze Away. Most of the reviews I read about Dr. Scholl's Freeze Away weren't too flattering, with most people complaining that this product just didn't perform. While the slogan "Removes Warts Fast with as few as 1 treatment" probably only applies to flax seed-sized common warts, for regular sized warts, multiple applications probably will be necessary.

Other limitations include:
1. Doesn't get as cold as liquid nitrogen. Because Dr. Scholl's Freeze Away is designed for home use, it just isn't as cold as the liquid nitrogen used in the doctor's office. This means that repeat dosages are necessary on larger warts with a maximum of four treatments. For callused plantar warts on the foot, you may have to file down the wart before applying Freeze Away.
2. Is only recommended for hands and feet. Warts elsewhere on the body must be treated at the doctor's office.
3. Should not be used on children younger than 4 years of age, on pregnant or nursing mothers, or if you have diabetes or poor circulation.

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